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Top 10 Photos of 2008

Posted by freddysetiawan on December 18, 2008

1. Campaign Reflections

(Christopher Morris / VII for TIME)

2. The Phelps Surge

(Heinz Kluetmeier / Sports Illustrated)

3. The Children of Zion

(Stephanie Sinclair / VII)

4. Line in the Sand

(Anthony Suau for TIME)

5. Washed Away

(Brian Ray / Cedar Rapids Gazette / Rapport Press)

6. Pancaked

(Color China Photos / Sipa)

7. Untended

(Yuri Kozyrev for TIME)

8. Masked Man

(Jerome Delay / AP)

9. Handshake

(Tech. Sgt. Jerry Morrison / U.S. Department of Defense / AP)

10. Mother and Child

(Alexandra Fazzina)


6 Responses to “Top 10 Photos of 2008”

  1. anjrit!!!

    photo yang anak sama ibu!

    empat jempol gw sodorin!

  2. bimobesil said

    yang no.10 cui…

    ngingetin masa dolo…

  3. uchul said

    keren” potonya…

  4. keren2 gan fotonya.

  5. emang keren2 potona..
    tapi memberikan gambaran yg ironi buat kehidupan..

  6. -psa- said

    keren bos gambarnya

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